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Litter mat vs litter catcher tray !!!


In this new era of war against bacteria, Dzelcat SpreadZtrap is the perfect allies to have for your cat litter

In the area litter mat we can see a lot of products on the market. This article we will focus on prevention. And more specifically, product that can reduce the risk of propagation of the bacteria. We know those grains can transport cat feces and those are toxic to human because we can get  toxoplasmosis if ingested. So with that in mind we are testing new kind of litter mat today, the *litter catcher tray*.

People can said it's just a new term, from our research we can say: No this is not!

This new product on the market is the only one of its kind and most important, you can disinfect it easily. We are speaking about : DzelCat SpreadZtrap litter catcher tray or cat litter mat for  its primary function. By its conception made of distinguishable part of  high quality ABS plastic (same has Lego) the disinfection process can be done!

When you take a look at the other category, cat litter mat, we can see a trend of mat made with material that can absorb urine and retain smell that can be very difficult to disinfect even some made it impossible. And we are not just talking about washing but drying! Some are  so difficult to dry by their conception mold can easily propagate.

With that said, we can see why DzelCat SpreadZtrap is a premium choice!