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How it works?

SpreadZtrap Superpowers description

The SpreadZtrap cat litter mat is engineered in Canada. Why is it a unique and modern concept? Because it is made entirely in plastic and includes a tray that traps the grains & any liquid. The two layers separates completely from each other for easy cleaning. This mat is ideal for small living space. Dimensions: 19" x 16" x 0.415". Weight: 756g.

spreadztrap best cat litter mat separate in two parts

Two layers structure; reduce spreading of litter

Competition's products comments: Clients complain that other similar mat do not capture enough litter grains.

The SpreadZtrap: Our clients find this mat very effective and recommend it. The semi-flexible upper layer opens your cat’s paws and lets the grains fall through the wide holes. The lower platform (the tray) recuperate and traps the grains. The product separates completely into 2 parts for easy cleaning. Since it reduces the spreading of grains in the house, it saves on cleaning time. Never step or sit in litter again!

Easy to empty (for real)

Competition's products comments:
Clients complain that mats made in rubber, or that are XLarge or Jumbo size, are very heavy to lift and empty. Also, they often have two or no side stitched together. So the grains fall easily all over the floor when they lift and transport the mat.

The SpreadZtrap: Because it is in plastic, this mat is very light. It is super easy to lift and empty without spreading litter around. You don't even need to separate entirely the 2 parts to empty it. The 2 layers are attached together securely during transportation, so no grains or liquid can fall over. No struggle!

spreadztrap cat litter mat vs wepet cat litter mat

wiping water with towel on spreadztrap and cleaning it in the shower

Fast and easy cleaning

Competition's product comments: Clients complain it is hard to clean the mats made in rubber with the two layers concept. They can’t reach all the corners (often because these mats are stitched together on 2 sides, and they can’t reach the middle or the holes effectively).

The SpreadZtrap: First, since this mat is made in plastic, dust and humid litter grains stick less than on rubber mats. The product divides quickly into 2 separate parts. It is very easy to reach the holes, and ALL the corners. See the video on this page on How to clean the SpreadZtrap.

100% waterproof; no leaking & zero absorption of liquid and odours

Competition's products comments: Clients complain that litter mats made with rubber (and/or that are joined partly with nylon sewing threads) absorb and keep odours. They are not 100% waterproof, even if they claim so. Some rubber mat even let the urine pass through.

The SpreadZtrap: Because there are no rubber, tissue, nylon, sewing thread or leather (that could keep odours), this mat qualifies as 100% waterproof. In case of messy cats, there will be no urine leaking from the tray (thanks to its walls). Your floor is safe! Plastic doesn't keep odours and nothing can pass through.

water staying still on the spreadztrap
black and white cat sleeping on the spreadztrap best cat litter mat

Odorless & comfortable for cat’s paws

Competition's products comments: Clients complain their cats do not like the rubber smell.

The SpreadZtrap: We made this mat entirely in plastic, and this material is 100% odourless. It won’t disturb your animal. Your cat will love it!

Can also be used for small dogs

Even your best friend will be able to use this mat.

lego, abs, pipe ,coffee maker

Why ABS plastic?

- What we love the most is that many household items are made with ABS plastic. For example; kids toys like LEGO®; kitchen utilities like food containers, food processors, coffee makers; computer parts like keyboards or cell phone parts; cosmetic containers; plumbing accessories; etc. - It is a high quality material - Can be easily recycled - Safe and non-toxic for animals and children - Sturdy - Very resistant - Durable (last very long) - Shock resistant

How to clean your spreadztrap

Showcase in real situation

persian cat beige and black lying on the spreadztrap
spreadztrap used by tortoise shell cat
cat black and white lying on the spreadztrap
white cat with black face lying on the spreadztrap